Rock the Neon Trend like a Love Islander #LoveIsland

The Love Island girls are absolutely rocking the summer 2019 neon trend and you absolutely can too. Whether you are into bold and all over, or just a pop of colour, I’ll show you the best British and online retailers have to offer.

I’ve pulled together my top picks from the UK high street:

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Boohoo Pink Cut-Out Swimsuit / Boohoo Turquoise Halterneck Bikini Top /Boohoo Turquoise High Waisted Bikini Bottoms / Boohoo Green Multiway Swimsuit

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George at Asda Sheer Orange Tropical Kaftan / George at Asda Yellow Racerback Cover Up Dress / George at Asda Pink Hankie Hem Kaftan

Vivienne Westwood Neon Pearl Earrings / Saint Laurent Kate Belt Bag / Philipp Plein Studded Platform Sneakers

Go bold or add neon as an accent colour, it’s a wardrobe must have this summer. What’s your favourite piece? Comment below!


What would Regina George from Mean Girls look like as a Mom?

‘Mean Girls’ – that amazing cult classic teen movie that pretty much summed up my high school experience (we also had a group of girls we referred to as ‘The Plastics’).

But I was thinking, what about years on, when Regina George is a mom? Would she still be rocking pink every Wednesday and telling her old school friend Gretchen that she can’t wear gold hoop earrings because that’s “her thing”?

So, with this in mind, here’s my take on Regina George, the mom:

In my eyes, Regina is crazy – about pink. She is a modern take on her own mom – a very cool mom indeed. She wears what she likes, young trendy pieces. She has a pink home, car, and has a daughter she’s pushed into pageants. In her eyes, looks are everything. Her rich husband pays for her lifestyle, so she doesn’t have to work.

She maybe has a blog in all pink too. Her style icons are Elle Woods, Baddie Winkie and Nicki Minaj.

What if Cher from Clueless was a Goth?

I’ve always loved movies – one of my favourites of all time is ‘Clueless’, starring Alicia Silverstone as Cher.

Cher is pretty, popular and preppy. She’s blonde, loves fashion and doesn’t love high school boys. (As if she’d ever get with one of them. Ew.)

But what if Cher was a Goth? What if she had posters of Angel from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ all over her bedroom walls? I had a play with what I think she would look like, so here goes.

At one point in the movie, Cher wears this gorgeous black sheer shirt, and I would have evolved her look more from this. In my eyes, she’d have been more sultry. Her wardrobe would be full of gorgeous designer pieces like classic Chanel. Her idol would be Dita von Teese, 80s Madonna and Taylor Momsen.