10 Body Confident Plus Size Characters In TV And Movies

I want to watch a movie or TV show or read a book even where ‘fat’ people are shown as confident, worthy, sexy and respected. Without having to address the stigma that goes with having a bit more meat on your bones. So with this in mind, here’s my top 10 curvy characters on screen:


‘Hairspray’ (2007)

No one believed in Tracy’s dreams, not even her mother, initially. But she didn’t let it get her down. She started a revolution where people stop focusing on appearances – both size and skin colour – and focus on the person on the inside. She’s an inspiration to us all and the role model we all deserve.


‘The Mindy Project’ (2012-2017)

Mindy didn’t always love her body, but she never lets it get in the way of her love life or the career. And *that’s* inspiring.


Orange Is The New Black’ (2013-2019)

She may have been an inmate, but Taystee is smart, bubbly, outgoing and a strong leader with a good heart. She had a great sense of humour, passion for law and order and absolutely no body hang ups whatsoever.


‘Isn’t It Romantic’ (2019)

Played by the legendary Rebel Wilson, looks as fashionable as ever in this Netflix exclusive. She showed the world that you can look fabulous with curves, with a seriously enviable wardrobe.


‘Girls Trip’ (2017)

How fire is Queen Latifah with her crew in this film! She has so many gorgeous jumpsuits and sky high body confidence. She is proof of loving the skin you’re in.


‘Dumplin” (2018)

Willowdean is the curvaceous daughter of a former Texan beauty queen. She gained her body confidence from her stylish, Dolly Parton loving, larger-than-life late aunt. Then she has to try and navigate through high school with out her, and developing her own self-acceptance.

Fat Amy

‘Pitch Perfect’ (2012)

Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson) is my hero. She confronts the issues that plus size women face by calling herself fat before anyone can use the word negatively against her. She’s funny, loveable, sexual and interesting in all 3 ‘Pitch Perfect’ films. We should all be more like Fat Amy.


‘Spy’ (2015)

Played by prolific plus size actress, Melissa McCarthy, Susan is forced out of her comfort zone in this movie. There are some jokes at her expense, but the witty script means she always has the last word and rises above it. Even with a makeover, her body isn’t changed at all – only her wardrobe is. She proves everyone wrong who underestimates her. She has the most amazing inner strength.


I Feel Pretty’ (2018)

Amy Schumer is hilarious in this film about a woman who is struggling with low self esteem and a deep insecurity. She sees herself in a whole new light after a fall, and learns ultimately to love herself. We all automatically look for our flaws. We should be like Renee when she realises her own self worth, and focus on our features.


‘Shrill’ (2012-2020)

I love the actress who plays Annie – Aidy Bryant. This Hulu show is all about a young journalist who takes charge of her life and her body. If you haven’t seen it, please do, it’s well worth a watch.

You, personally, might not be attracted to fat bodies but that doesn’t make them gross, disgusting or fowl. It doesn’t make them worthy of anyone’s cruelty and disrespect. There’s a fantastic campaign I came across on Twitter called #fatisntfunny. I’ll definitely be tweeting along with the topic to normalise more plus sizers as ‘regular’ people, and not the butt of the joke.

Let me know what you think, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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