Inspired by TV – ‘And Just Like That’

If you’re a *huge* Sex and the City fan like me, you’d have been shaking with excitement at the release of the spin-off, ‘And Just Like That’, that started this week. I have been desperate to see what Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are up to now their kids are growing up! (Though of course it’s not the same without Samantha.)

Here’s my take on the girls’ looks, for their new 2021 lives:


Camisole Dress / Biker Jacket / Star Necklace / Sequin Bag / Lightning Bolt Ankle Boots

Carrie is still as fabulous and quirky as ever. I wouldn’t choose a maxi dress at this time of year though, so I’ve opted instead for a slip camisole dress with biker jacket and ankle boots. I love the black trim detail that is on the dress, along with the black all over sequin bag. For the finishing touch, what’s quirkier than metallic thunderbolt chelsea style kitten heel ankle boots?


Floral Dress / Vivienne Westwood Earrings / Ankle Boots / Nail Varnish

Oh, Charlotte. She’s still as chic and polished as ever. I love the bold embroidery on this dress, which does all the talking so doesn’t need dressed up much. I’ve teamed this grey floral detail embroidered dress with some pearl drop Vivienne Westwood earrings, a pop of colour for those nails and some clean, classic high heeled grey ankle boots.


Yellow Trench Coat / Skinny Jeans / Leopard Wrap Top / Belt / Heels / Gold Bag

Can you believe Miranda now is mom to a teenage son? The lawyer is still smashing it in the style stakes, with bold colours, prints and just a flash of gold to finish the look. Perfect for board room to bar.

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