How often should you really wash your clothes?

Have you ever wondered if you could realistically get another wear out of your jeans? Or how often you really should be washing your bras? Wonder no, more – here is your guide to washing some of your wardrobe essentials.

Well, say goodbye to laundry day. It turns out, some clothing should be washed more often than once a week, while others can go longer between washes. This is because when it comes to clothes, you should wash really wash them based on the number of times you’ve worn them, instead of the amount of time. This is a guide though, and garments will need washeed more


This is one we’re *all* guilty of – leaving it too long before washing our bras. Bras should be washed every 3-4 washes. A cool or delicate wash should help prolong the life of your bra.


Dresses should be washed every 1-3 wears. For items such as formal dresses, which won’t survive the washing machine, a trip to the dry cleaners needs to be made after every wear. (Always read the care label.)


I love wearing jeans – you can dress them up or down, so they’re a great versatile garment to have in your wardrobe. The thing about washing your jeans is that they’re never the same afterwards *and* it makes the colour fade easier. If you’re worried about your favorite pair of jeans getting ruined in the washing machine, turn them inside out, soak them beforehand, and put them on a gentle cycle.


It goes without saying that you need to wash your gym clothes after every wear. If you workout regularly, invest in 2-3 different outfits that you can wear if you want to minimize the amount of laundry you need to do. Trust me, it’s well worth the investment.


We tend to think that because we’re not moving around and sweating a lot in our pajamas, they don’t need to be washed very often. Wrong. These should be washed just as often as bras are – around every 3 – 4 wears.


Your skirts should be washed every 5-7 wears, if not stained. Remember, the longer you leave a garment soiled, the harder the stain will be to remove.


T-shirts should be washed after every wear. Remember, if there’s close contact with your skin, it needs washed more often.


Knickers and other underwear garments should be washed after every wear. I’d say this is a given.

This has been taken from the book ‘The Real Simple Guide To Real Life: Adulthood Made Easy’. It reveals that the process is far more scientific than simply whether an item looks or smells clean. TOP TIP: hanging clothes up after they’ve been worn to air them out before putting them back in the wardrobe helps keep them fresh.

When left on clothing for extended periods of time, sweat and body oils can damage delicate fibers. Plus, the longer you let stains and soil set into the fibres, the harder it will be to remove them. To keep your clothing looking their best, wash them regularly and follow these laundry tips for longer-lasting clothing.

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