Lockdown Lowdown: Working From Home Attire

Lockdown has hit, a second wave is (probably) coming and many of us are now familiar with video chatting and conferencing. I know whenever I have worked from home, I like to think I’m like Carrie Bradshaw, writing her column or an article for Vogue magazine.

The truth is, I’m usually in my pyjamas with my hair in a messy bun. I’m definitely not as glamorous and well put together as Carrie is. But what do you wear? You want to feel as comfortable as you do in your pyjamas, but look as professional looking as you would in person if you were in the office.

So here’s some outfit inspiration for working from home:

Creative Roles

Jobs in: Marketing, Web Design, Writer, Graphic Designer etc

The best thing about creative jobs, is the ability to be creative with your outfit too! While the leggings are super comfy and will give you that pyjama feeling, the shirt will make you feel more dressed up for work. Team with a chic gold necklace and roll up the sleeves for a cool, professional look.

Necklace / Shirt / Leggings

Corporate Roles

Jobs in: Accounting, Finance, Business Development, Science, etc

For a comfy yet corporate look while working from home, try a dress with some elastane in the fabric. This will give it some stretch and give so it won’t feel restricting. Team with some pearl earrings for a classy, sophisticated finish.

Earrings / Dress

Teaching Roles

Jobs in: Schools, Universities, etc

Turn the focus on to teaching, not to how uncomfortable you’re feeling in uncomfy clothes. Team a pair of stretchy jeggings with a cool jumper and a statement necklace. It’s trendy and professional.

Necklace / Jumper / Jeggings

What do you think? Please comment below.

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