15 Celebrities You Forgot Had a Guest Appearance on ‘Friends’

It’s only when you rewatch a series, that you spot all the famous faces in it you forgot about – that’s exactly what happened when I rewatched the iconic TV series, ‘Friends’. Here’s 15 you may have forgotten about:

1. Brad Pitt

Season 8, Episode 9: ‘The One with the Rumour: Part One’

Brad Pitt played Will, a formerly fat schoolmate of Monica and Rachel – who founded the ‘I Hate Rachel Green’ Club with Ross, Monica’s brother. I don’t blame Pheobe for flirting with him though.

2. Winona Ryder

Season 7, Episode 20: ‘The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss’

Winona Ryder played Melissa, Rachel’s former college friend that she shared her only girl kiss with. Melissa denies it, but later confesses her love for Rachel.

3. Ellen Pompeo

Season 10 Episode 11: ‘The One Where the Stripper Cries’

Ellen Pompeo plays Missy, who Ross and Chandler had a pact on that neither would get involved with at college. It must’ve been tough, the girl is stunning.

4. Ben Stiller

Season 3, Episode 22: ‘The One with the Screamer’

Ben Stiller is the angriest man you’ve ever seen when he plays Tommy, the angry guy that Rachel briefly dates. I love Ben Stiller, but the screaming is a good enough reason for me to end any potential relationship. Total deal-breaker.

5. Jennifer Coolidge

Season 10, Episode 3: ‘The One with Ross’s Tan’

Jennifer Coolidge played Amanda, an old acquaintance of Monica and Pheobe’s, who has a fake British accent, loves to be the centre of attention and likes to boast. I love Jennifer Coolidge, but this character is hard work!

6. Helen Hunt

Season 1, Episode 16: ‘The One with Two Parts: Part One’

Helen Hunt plays an acquaintance of Pheobe’s twin, Ursula, who spots Pheobe in Central Perk and mistakes her for Ursula. The result is a rather awkard conversation.

7. Dakota Fanning

Season 10, Episode 14: ‘The One with Princess Consuela’

Dakota Fanning plays Mackenzie, a lovely little girl in the house that Monica and Chandler want to buy, befriends Joey. She helps him through it and

8. Julia Roberts

Season 2, Episode 13: ‘The One after the Superbowl: Part Two’

Julia Roberts appeared in one episode, playing Susie, a former classmate of Chandler’s, dubbed ‘Susie Underpants’ at school. She’s out for revenge on Chandler for embarassing her back then.

9. Charlie Sheen

Season 2, Episode 23: ‘The One with the Chickenpox’

Charlie Sheen plays a navy officer that Pheobe has a romantic meeting with when he comes back from being offshore. Unfortunately, their romantic plans are ruined when they both come down with chickenpox.

10. Selma Blair

Season 9, Episode 10: ‘The One with Christmas in Tulsa’

Selma Blair plays Wendy, Chandler’s unhappily married and flirty co-worker. She even steals food from another office. Who knew she was such a bad ass?

11. Gabrielle Union

Season 7 : Various Episodes

Gabrielle – who you’ll recognise from films like ‘Bring It On’ plays Kirsten, who is romanced by both Joey and Ross. No wonder she runs for the hills!

12. David Arquette

Season 3, Episode 3: ‘The One with the Jam’

David Arquette plays Malcolm, who Pheobe tries to help get over stalking her sister, Ursula.

13. Denise Richards

Season 7, Episode 19: ‘The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin’

Monica and Ross’s cousin, Cassie, is played by Denise Richards. She has the most amazing hair. The friends crew are all mesmerised by her. But Ross takes things a step too far…

14. Kristin Davis

Season 7, Episode 7: ‘The One with Ross’s Library Book’

Is it just me, or will Kristin Davis forever be Charlotte from ‘Sex and the City’? She plays a loveable wholesome girl who Rachel and Pheobe try to convince Joey to get serious with.

And the one that surprised me the most….

15. Mae Whitman

Season 3, Episode 10: ‘The One Where Rachel Quits’

This little Brown Bird cutie is Mae Whitman, the little girl who is trying to sell enough cookies to go to space camp. Who’d have thought she’d play roles in films like ‘The Duff’.

Who else have you spotted doing a cameo appearance on ‘Friends’? Comment below.

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