What Would The ‘Sex And The City’ Girls Look Like As Men?

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Mirinda – the famous four girls from HBO’s TV series ‘Sex & The City’. We all can relate to at least one of the girls… but what would they be like if they were men?

Here’s my take on their male counterparts:

Carl (Carrie)

I’ve named this guy Carl – like Carrie, he’s quirky, colourful and artistic. I see him being really ito urban and retro sportswear and the latest unknown brands. When he does smarten up, he does it in his own way, with bold colours of course.

Charlie (Charlotte)

Charlie is the preppy male version of Charlotte. He likes clean sportswear, and smart crisp suiting. As he works in an art gallery, he likes minimalism and clean lines. He usually shys away from prints, instead choosing classics from menswear brands like Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss.

Samuel (Samantha)

Samuel – the male Samantha – likes the simple things in life. A bit of a player, he has a wardrobe full of Calvin Klein underwear (after all, he could pass for one of their models) and a little black book bursting at the seams. Samuel loves brands and status, choosing only to wear the best – Prada, Gucci and Armani to name a few. He loves travelling and photography, especially with his work in the glamorous movie industry.

Andrew (Miranda)

Andrew – or Andy on his days off – is a lawyer. He works insanely long hours, in his bid to become a partner at his firm. He likes smart clean suiting, and usually still wears a tailored look on his days rare days off (which he spends relaxing). He wears brands like Ted Baker and Paul Smith.

What do you think?

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