DIY halloween costumes from items you have in your wardrobe

Halloween is HERE! Now – especially if you have housemates – you may still be considering getting into a costume this year. This doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, you can put together a great costume tonight from items you have right now in your very own wardrobe!

Ariana Grande

The giveaway here is the high ponytail and the short hemline. If you like, add some fake tan and false eyelashes too to *really* nail the singer’s look.

Super short mini dress + High sleek ponytail + thigh high boots

Hoodie Dress / Thigh High Boots / Hair Ties

Anna Wintour

Who could be more glam to dress up as than the *queen* of fashion herself, the amazing Anna Wintour, the head of the bible of all fashion magazines, Vogue. Great option in particular if you already have a bob haircut.

Bob + oversized sunglasses + turquoiuse necklace + boucle dress + red heels

Oversized Sunglasses / Turquoise Necklace / Boucle Dress / Red Heels

Joe Exotic from ‘Tiger King’

He may never financially recover from this, but the tiger loving, gun toting attention lover is easy to recreate from items in your wardrobe. Remember to draw on his goatee too to finish the look.

Baseball cap + hoop earrings + drawn on beard + sequin shirt + jeans + cowboy boots

Baseball Cap / Hoop Earrings / Sequin Shirt / Jeans / Boots

Carole Baskin from ‘Tiger King’

Hey you cool cats and kittens! Love leopard print? Have lots of it in your wardrobe? Then dress up as Joe Exotic’s nemesis, the hypcritical animal activist, Carole Baskin. (Just be prepared for plenty questions about whether you killed your husband or not).

Anything leopard print + a flower crown + sandals

Flower Crown / Leopard Print Top / Black Leggings / Flip Flops

Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde’

We should all be a little more like Elle Woods. If you love pink and have lots of it in your wardrobe, it’s easy to pull a look together than this outgoing blonde would be proud of.

Blonde hair + lots of pink

Sunglasses / Dress / Biker Jacket / Heels / Bag

The Heathers

If you happen to have lots of workwear separates – this could be one for you. The trick is to try keep it one one hue.

Blazer + camisole + tartan skirt + knee high socks + brogues

Blazer / Camisole / Tartan Skirt / Knee High Socks / Brogues

Regina George from ‘Mean Girls’

She rocked it, and you can too. Hey – who doesn’t already have these total basics in their wardrobe? And Halloween is a totally valid excuse to make your own Regina “boob hole” tank top from that one you next to never wear.

Purple bra + White tank top with DIY “boob holes” + black mini skirt + heels

Purple Bra / Tank Top / Mini Skirt / Heels

Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’

For the fashionistas out there – this is a look that is super easy to recreate from items in your own wardrobe. Just remember to tousle your hair and twirl like Carrie would!

White bodysuit + pink tutu + heels

Earrings / Body Suit / Tutu Skirt / Heels

Vivienne in ‘Pretty Woman’

Vivienne made this look iconic as a streetwalker in LA. I obviously don’t recommend you copy her actions, but you can certainly recreate her look from pieces in your own wardrobe. Just remember to curl your hair, strut and complete with a long necklace and chunky bangles.

white crop top + fitted mini skirt + thigh high boots + red blazer

Red Blazer / Crop Top / Mini Skirt / Thigh High Boots

Nina in ‘Black Swan’

Like wearing black? This is the look for you. Combine pieces to give off total Natalie Portman vibes as Nina in ‘Black Swan’.

black bodysuit + black tutu + jewelled headband + dramatic cat eye

Eyeliner / Bodysuit / Skirt / Headband

Did you like this? Are you planning to dress up this year? Please comment below.

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