WFH – Inspo for your new normal: working from home

With the outbreak of Covid-19, or coronavirus, many of us are now having to work from the comfort of our own homes. Like many others, I’ve been thinking about my own little working space, and thought I’d share some inspiration on how you can create a working space you love.


Desk / Chair / Lamp / Desk Organiser / Artificial Plant

Add a little sunshine into your life with a bold home office that really makes a statement. For this theme, I’ve chosen the colour yellow as it’s bright, warm and dramatic. In actual fact, the colour yellow is proven (by various sources) to make people feel happier! What more could you ask for than your own little ‘happy place’ in your home?

I’d recommend choosing one or two focal complimentary colours and not going overboard with the colour, you don’t want to give yourself a headache while you’re trying to work to a deadline. Also, avoid red and yellow together. It will make you hungry. (You’ve been warned.)


Desk / Chair / Letter Holder / Desk Lamp

Wood, iron, leather and studs… it’s what industrial interior dreams are made of. I love the idea of this being even more architectural by doing it in monochrome, though you could go lighter if you want. I decided to make this look dark and moody with lots of black. The desk accessories contrast well with the lighter wood desk.

This would look great in space with lots of light, and against a plain, self-coloured wall. Add some succulents to breathe some life into the space too.


Desk / Chair / Desk Lamp / Set of Succulents / Wall Art / Rug

To create a modern home office, it’s all about keeping it clean, while combining prints and textures. A corner is always a great option for a spacious work area and you could always add in some colour for a little playfulness. With the rug, make sure you get a desk chair that has casters that will work on carpet. Trust me, it’ll make your life much easier.

Want to update your current home office? Just add a velvet desk armchair. I’m personally in love with the super padded ones at Anthropologie – though be prepared to see it as an investment as they are pretty pricy. Another great store for updating your home office is Oliver Bonas – they are just *goals* in my eyes.


Desk / Chair / Desk Lamp / Rug / Wall Art

Glass, white, chrome all scream minimal and clean looking to me. To really achieve this look, you want a desk with no clutter, no pen pots and desk organisers. Keep it to the bare minimum – that’s the whole point.

As the wall art says it all, “less is more – more or less”! Simplicity is easy to achieve when you keep it to the essentials. Remember that.

Which look is your favourite? What does your own home office look like? Please share in the comments.

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