Supermarket Style: Your Quarantine Fashion Fix

Supermarket fashion mean you can shop the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank, or lockdown rules, and do your weekly food shop at the same time! And the best part? It’s totally budget friendly. So whether you’re on furlough or not working at the moment – everyone can treat themselves to a little something extra along with your weekly food shop.

George @ Asda

Asda has its own range of clothing known as George, which officially launched in 1990. Now, they are owned by the great American giant, Walmart, so you know their fashion is on point. From personal exeprience their clothes wear and wash well, and some pieces have lasted me years. And, to top it all off, they have a 100 day satisfaction guarantee, so what have you got to lose?

1 – Handbag / 2 – Camisole / 3 – Longline Jacket / 4 – Pencil Skirt / 5 – Sandal

Nutmeg @ Morrisons

This British supermarket chain is set to open its first standalone home and clothing store! The space will feature their own fashion brand, Nutmeg, as well as their own-brand homeware range. The brand have been selling womenswear instore since 2017 and selling online since 2018. This is a really exciting step forwards for this brand.

1 – Jumpsuit / 2 – Floral Blazer / 3 – Floral Shorts / 4 – Tea Dress

Tu @ Sainsburys

I love Tu @ Sainsburys, this is their own exclusive range, which takes its inspiration from both the ready-to-wear runway designer collections and everyday street style to create great looking pieces. They state their collection features higher quality fabrics, offering our customers luxe looks for less. I’ve had many nice pieces from here.

1 – Dress / 2 – Fringe Bag / 3 – Sandals / 4 – Earrings / 5 – Biker Jacket

Are you a fan of supermarket fashion? Are there any brands missing from this list? Please comment below!

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