Tried And Tested: Must-Haves From ‘The Body Shop’

I believe I was a teenager in the 90s, when I first was sold into the colourful and luscious smelling store, The Body Shop. It was here I fell head over heels in love with good quality bath and beauty products and I’ve never lost my passion for the brand, even now I’m in my 30s.

I thought I’d take take some time to share with you all my favourite products, across bath, beauty and skincare. In no particular order, here’s my top 10 favourite products and must haves:

1. Shea Butter Richly Replenishing Hair Mask

How to use:

STEP 1: Once a week, massage into damp, clean hair
STEP 2: Leave for 10 minutes
STEP 3: Rinse thoroughly

This Shea hair mask is a dry and damaged hair must have. As someone who has always dyed, bleached, straigthened and blow-dried my hair, my hair has been through the wars. Since being in lockdown, I haven’t blow dried my hair, or straightened it once , though I haven’t been able to give up dying it – I do this at home myself, every 6 to 8 weeks. (I can’t stand those pesky white / grey hairs, especially by my hairline, reminding me that I’m getting older.) Anyway, back to the point. I have damaged my hair and this mask has become my saviour. It leaves my hair smooth, soft and makes my confidence soar. So it’s well worth the £12 price tag.

2. Drops of Youth Concentrate

How to use:

STEP 1: Cleanse
STEP 2: Tone
STEP 3: Gently rub in 1-2 drops on to your face
STEP 4: Moisturise

Drops of Youth Concentrate is like botox in a bottle – with all the anti-ageing benefits, and none of the painful injections. The unique formula turns back the clock, leaving you with beautiful, dewy, baby soft skin. A couple of drops a day is all it takes to help keep skin feeling healthy and looking nice and glowy. I swear by this, and it’s now a definite skincare must have of mine. I especially like to use it as part of my night skincare regime, but I have used it durinfg the day too. It’s a bit on the pricier side, at £28 for a 30ml bottle and £36 for a 50ml bottle, but I swear it’s an investment worth making. Besides, no make-up will ever look as good as your own skin – and it’s one hell of a lot cheaper than actually getting Botox!

3. Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

How to use:

STEP 1: Cleanse
STEP 2: Tone
STEP 3: Moisturise

Do you know that feeling of drinking a glass of ice cold, freshly squeezed, perfectly juicy orange juice in the morning? I like to think of this moisturiser as a great big drink for my skin to get my day started – and it smells of yummy oranges. This is a very light, cool gel-like cream which leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised… and ready to tackle anything the day might throw at me. At £16, it’s a steal for such a luxurious feeling product and will last you a few months.

4. Satuma Shower Gel

How to use:

STEP 1: Grab a bath lily / body puff
STEP 2: Put a good sized dollop of product onto your bath lily / body puff
STEP 3: Wash body
STEP 4: Enjoy the smell and the soapy lather

I’ve always seen the Body Shop shower gels as luxurious, especially as there’s a £6.50 price tag just for a 250ml bottle – which I’ve always thought is pretty steep. These, however, are the best smelling shower gels I’ve ever smelt. I love the Satsuma, Strawberry and Mango in particular. They come in travel sizes too – just £2 for 60ml – which as a youngster was more within my budget – especially for my toiletry bag for going away a weekend away. We may not be able to travel anymore, what with the current lockdown restrictions, but we can enjoy the nice things in life still. Believe me when I say, this is definitely one of the finer things in life.

5. Strawberry Body Butter

How to use:

STEP 1: Scoop up a dollop with your fingers
STEP 2: Rub into your body
STEP 3: Give it a few minutes to really sink in
STEP 4: Feel how amazingly smooth and soft your skin is

Ok, it’s £16, and that’s a bit ridiculous for a body cream, but hear me out. These smell like strawberry sweets. You know, like the ones you got in a 10p mix or from the school tuck shop (yes I’m showing my age here). I first got into using this in my early teens, and it’s always been one of my favourite body shop products. Nowadays, I use it to shave my legs with. I slather on some body butter, thinly, and shave it and those pesky leg hairs off. It leaves my legs insanely smooth and I’ve yet to discover another product that could ever come close – or smells as good.

6. Chinese Ginseng And Rice Clarifying and Polishing Mask

How to use:

STEP 1: Remove any makeup and cleanse your skin
STEP 2: Scoop out a small amount onto your fingers
STEP 3: Smooth the face mask all over your skin in an even layer
STEP 4: Leave it to work for 5-10 minutes
STEP 5: Rinse it off with warm water in circular motions to gently exfoliate your skin

This is the *best* exfoliating mask I’ve ever used. It’s gentle, and feels like it’s really high end. At £6 for a 15ml pot and £18 for a 75ml pot, it’s a steal compared to the price you’d pay at a luxury spa, but does nothing to scrimp on quality. I try my best to use it two to three times a week, to leave my skin softer and brighter. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and mood-booster. I like to use this as part of my nightly skincare routine, but you can do this any time you feel like you need a little lift. It also works great with the Body Shop’s other products for multi-masking. Though that’s not something I’ve personally ever tried.

7. Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

How to use:

STEP 1: Cleanse your skin
STEP 2: Soak a cotton pad with a small amount of product
STEP 3: Sweep it all over your gorgeous face, especially before moisturising to help it really sink in

This is a god send. I love a toner. Gone are the days of toners stripping your skin of all it’s goodness. Because it turns out, the right moisturising toner can work wonders… and this one ticks all my boxes. This toner gently cleans your skin so it’s ready for you to get more out of your skincare products that follow in your routine. I see far more benefits from my moisturiser if I tone first than if I don’t. At £8.50, I find it lasts a few months and is just as good, if not better, that toners with twice the price tag.

8. Berry Bath Blend

How to use (You choose):

STEP 1: Turn off your phone
STEP 2: Run a hot bath and pour around a quarter of the bottle straight under the running water. Give it a good stir with your hand and enjoy
STEP 3: Or hop in the shower and use as a luxurious hydrating shower cream

Self care has really never smelt so good. This is a must have for anyone (like me) who loves a bath. The Berry Bath Blend leaves dry skin feeling hydrated, nourished and comforted. Or use it straight in the shower, like you would a shower gel, for a super hydrating skin fix. This little beauty is £8 a bottle, and I love the Mango one too. It creates just the right amount of bubbles, changes the colour of the water and leaves a light, fruity smell that is good enough to eat (though please don’t).

9. Lemon Hand Sanitiser

How to use
STEP 1: Squirt some hand sanitiser into your palm
STEP 2: Rub hands together, making sure to get between the fingers and the back of the hands
STEP 3: Allow to dry
STEP 4: Repeat

Remember those lemon-y surgary, sherberty sweets you used to get as a kid? That’s exactly what this smells like. And it kills 99.9% of bacteria – which is so important, especially while we’re all living in a global pandemic. We have this in one of the cup holders in our car, in the larger 250ml size, which retails at £12. I also love that they do a smaller pocket-sized 100ml one for just £6, perfect for when the world opens up again. I know I for one, will continue to use sanitisers with no need to rinse whilst out and about, and in and out of shops. So this is perfect for our changing world.

10. Vitamin C Liquid Peel

How to use:

STEP 1: Squirt two pumps onto your fingertips and massage into clean, dry skin
STEP 2: Massage it in for 20 seconds until soft, squidgy clumps start to form and peel off
STEP 3: Rinse it all away and get ready of any remaining cling-on clumps
STEP 4: Pop this on 2-3 times a week for best results

Ok, I admit, I read ‘liquid peel’ and immediately thought of scary, intense, chemical peels. But – this is not only kind and gentle – it doesn’t leave you with the long term healing that a chemical peel does (think of that time Samantha had one in ‘Sex and the City’). I love that you can see the it hard at work immediately, and as soon as you rinse it off, it leaves your skin gorgeously soft and smooth. A 100ml peel is £16, and my gosh it’s £16 well spent. I’ve been using a bottle for the last few months, and I’m still not even half way through it.

. . .

Want to get your own, join my Body Shop Group on Facebook – where I sell the products with a discount, and you can take advantage of virtual parties, mystery bags, giveaways and more.

Like this? What’s your favourite Body Shop Products? Comment below.

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